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Elana Bakst

About my clients and approach

Each of us has a story to tell and I'm here to listen to yours, to provide a safe, encouraging space to reflect on your experiences and create positive change that matters most to you. Building a trusting therapeutic relationship is key, and while asking for help can feel overwhelming or intimidating, you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you're seeking support to help cope with a stressful life transition or crisis, improve the quality of your relationships or manage your mental health, together we'll work to recognize and build upon your resiliency and develop healthy ways for creating greater wellness, happiness and fulfillment.

Every client is unique, so my approach will be individually tailored to you, your reason for seeking help, and your specific goals. I incorporate CBT, psychodynamic, attachment-focused, strengths and mindfulness-based approaches. Struggles and stresses don't have to define who you are, and prior experiences and patterns don't have to dictate the future.

Therapy can provide a chance to gain a deeper understanding of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and patterns and how they interact to shape our sense of self, choices, and how we engage with the world. Cultivating such insight helps us heal from past hurts, become un-stuck and move towards meaningful change, our best selves and experiencing life to the fullest.

My personal beliefs and interests

I believe that every life has tremendous value, and everyone who seeks support should be able to receive it. Asking for help can feel hard, and for many, it can be scary. Too many people are left to navigate life’s challenges alone, but it should not be this way. I believe that everyone is capable of change and deserves support to feel valued, heard, and seen. Learning how to shift one’s thought and behavior patterns is challenging but also absolutely possible.

As a teacher in NYC public schools for many years, I worked with individuals of all ages before making the transition to clinical social work. I started my journey of providing therapy to adolescents in school suspension sites and then shifted to the employees of a large hospital system. Today, I am part of a small practice and love the work I do with clients from a range of backgrounds with different life stories, strengths, challenges, and personal goals. Please reach out if you think I can help; I’d be honored to be part of your life journey.                 9172094696

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