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Lisa Kinel

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Is the current Covid-19 crisis creating a sense of loneliness, isolation, and uncertainty in your life? Does the anxiety or depression keep you from creating new and exciting possibilities? Have you, your partner, and/or family suffered from loss and/or life changes during these challenging times? Are you and your partner feeling disconnected or arguing more than usual? I am here to help. I am a psychotherapist with advanced training in couples and family therapy. I am also a certified yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor. I provide support and tools to help individuals, couples, and families move forward.

I prioritize respecting your goals, and together, we will work to discover new ways to find meaning and create personal changes that can yield a better, more fulfilling life. I am deeply aware of the mind–body connection and value the benefits of integrating meditation and yoga into the broader therapeutic process to further enhance profound change and healing.

Gaining a deeper understanding of and working through internal and relational difficulties, especially during uncertain times, is key to cultivating a more grounded and fulfilling life. I strive to create supportive, affirming, and motivating relationships with clients that facilitate exploration and behavioral change.

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