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Michelle Back

My goal is to provide you the support and attention you deserve, with a kind intention in our space. You are welcome to create and push past the boundaries you set for yourself, knowing you will receive sure empathy and understanding from me. In building our relationship, we will address your needs and exploration into your past, current life, and set you up for a future that you are confident and comfortable with. It is so important that you know how powerful and meaningful your life is, and I hope that we collaboratively identify those positive strengths and face the challenges together.

As a clinical social worker with my Masters in Social Work from Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work, I am aware of the biases that the world has created for the positionalities we hold. This includes my privilege and my struggles, as well as yours. My modality includes strengths based theories along with a psychodynamic approach. However, I incorporate your situation, problems, and needs into whichever theories might benefit you best. In meeting clients where they are at, we create a unique treatment plan that supports you. Additionally, I have years of teaching experience in the arts and youth development, so I can also provide arts therapy and therapy for child traumas / children.

It is truly a pleasure for me to meet and get to learn more about individuals. I feel passionate about creating connections with individuals and providing a safe space for further understanding of one’s needs. These troubles might include anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, life transitions, past or current traumas, relationship issues, racism, sexism, and family troubles. In my hope for a positive step towards your continual healing, if you are interested in working with me, I look forward to meeting you.          (917) 830-8145

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