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Children + Adolescents

Growing up is hard work, especially today. There is no “one size fits all” approach. We are here to support your children and adolescents through all the complex, challenging stages of development, and always with compassion.

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Why would children and adolescents need therapy? How can such support help?

Adolescence is an incredibly challenging and complex phase of human development that is marked by an abundance of physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and moral changes. The rapid nature of these changes can elicit a great deal of anxiety, confusion, low self-esteem, depression, shame, among other heavy emotions. As children transition into teens, they grapple with a host of challenges that shape their identity, beliefs, relationships, and ways of engaging with the world at large. For many parents, understanding and supporting their adolescent’s journey can be a complex and daunting task, especially given that at this stage of development, peer relationships are everything to teens. This is where we, at Manhattan Psychotherapy Services, can help provide guidance, support, and a truly safe space to process all that is going on. We work with children, teens, and their caregivers to learn how to navigate the many fears and concerns, and to learn how to cope and thrive amidst so much change.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Do any of these sound familiar? Maybe you or your teenager are looking for help around a specific issue that is creating hardship, pain, and possibly fracture within the family. Or maybe your child or teen is just going through a tough time and would benefit from some more emotional support and guidance. Growing up, especially in a place like New York City, is often filled with a lot of stress; high academic pressure, peer pressure, and simply the pressure to perform and succeed can really weigh on us. Then there’s social media that can contribute to feelings of inadequacy and unrealistic expectations, shifting family dynamics, parental and societal expectations, and the critical task of figuring out who you are, your self-worth, and your place in the world. Fear, stress, and anxiety can build up and leave us feeling stuck; we may even self-sabotage. While we keep what our teens share with us confidential as much as we can, we will also look to bring caregivers in when it would be helpful or if necessary.

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Below are some of the issues that we can help children and adolescents with:

  • Anxiety and managing stress 

  • Depression 

  • Anger and interpersonal conflict 

  • Navigating major transitions and life events

  • Relationship struggles 

  • Grief and loss Low self-esteem

Through our work together, children and adolescents can strengthen their skills in:

  • Effectively coping with and navigating heavy emotions and challenging situations, including being able to better understand and then regulate these feelings (including managing anger and overcoming worries and fears that might get in the way of achieving goals set) 

  • Communication 

  • Problem-solving, including socially with peers or making new friends (which often holds anxiety and insecurities no matter how old we might be) 

  • Relaxation, deep breathing, and other ways to lessen anxiety, fears, and the impact of pressures felt

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Therapists in New York City that Specialize working with

Children + Adolescents

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