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Couples Therapy

We are here to help you and your partner rekindle your connection and to face challenges and stresses that arise together, like teammates again.

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What is couples therapy?

Relationships are complex, and it’s not uncommon for couples to face challenges that leave them feeling stuck or disconnected, unsure how to proceed when faced with major life decisions or transitions, how to rekindle intimacy that once felt strong, or how to get out of this negative loop or pattern that keeps repeating itself. Strong romantic relationships take work, and couples counseling can help each person to not only gain deeper insight and understanding but also to feel more closely connected and equipped to navigate communication, conflict, and bumps along the road.

Why might couples seek therapy in New York City?

Some of our couples come to us in the midst of conflict or crisis. The desire and need to feel loved, understood, and accepted by our partners is often what gives rise to issues, and can create a dynamic where one person feels like they’re constantly pursuing and the other is constantly withdrawing. This leads to a build-up of resentment and a breakdown of happiness. If this cycle isn’t interrupted, it can be more and more difficult to repair and restore the connections that are key to a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

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We work with couples on a variety of issues including:

  • Difficulty in resolving conflicts or navigating major differences 

  • How to de-escalate tensions and heavy emotions during the conflict, and then how to make repairs to heal any ruptures

  • Feeling alone, emotionally distant, or under-appreciated by your partner 

  • Difficulty with communication 

  • Struggling to come together in a mutually supportive way around major life changes or challenges including, but not limited to, becoming parents/differences in parenting styles, grief and loss, infertility, a big move, finances, sexual difficulties, trust, infidelity, or not seeing eye to eye on what the future should look like and how that future vision should play out 

  • Premarital counseling.

You and your partner don’t have to navigate this alone… How can couples therapy in NYC help you?

Each person in a relationship brings in their own values, expectations, hopes, culture, and family patterns and upbringings; we develop our sense of trust and safety and learn to communicate and engage with others very early on. Sometimes all of these differences can make it harder for us to understand and really hear the other’s perspectives, and compromise and deep connection can feel out of reach. Our therapists will help you, as a couple, to identify and address any underlying issues in your relationship that have led to unhealthy patterns, which in turn will serve to enhance communication, connection, intimacy, respect, fulfillment, and affection. It simply feels better to feel like you’re on a team with your partner, and we are here to support you in making that happen.

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Therapists at Manhattan Psychotherapy Services in New York City that specialize in working with couples: Liat, Lara and Noa.

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