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Interpersonal Conflict

Relationships have the power to create so much fulfillment and joy, and also so much pain and distress. Gaining insight and control from within yourself is the first step towards being able to navigate communication and interpersonal conflict constructively.

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What is interpersonal conflict and how can it manifest in daily life in NYC?

Relationships are such a meaningful part of life, yet they are often also intrinsically complex and we are bound to face bumps along the way. Sometimes, the diverse perspectives, beliefs, needs, and desires that individuals bring to their relationships can clash, or differences in communication styles, values, and expectations or even simple misunderstandings can create conflict that feels too big to navigate alone. While some degree of conflict is a natural part of human interaction, with the potential to offer opportunities for growth and the strengthening of a relationship, when its impact begins to negatively and significantly affect daily life or the well-being of an individual or of a relationship, that’s when it might be time to seek some support.

Who might seek therapy for interpersonal conflict in their relationships? What are some indicators that it might be time to seek support?

Maybe you are struggling to communicate your needs in a friendship, in constant disagreements with your partner over parenting approaches, frustrated by a coworker, or cannot come to terms with a family member with differing beliefs and it’s creating a painful wedge in a relationship that once was defined by closeness. These are just a small handful of scenarios that illustrate how conflicts can emerge in various realms of our lives, impacting not only our personal relationships and internal wellbeing, but seeping into professional and social spheres as well. Over time, the cumulative effect of unresolved, chronic conflicts can contribute to feelings of heightened stress, isolation, anxiety, depression, and overall dissatisfaction with life.

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How can therapy for interpersonal conflict help?

Our therapists provide a safe, supportive space for you to explore and address interpersonal conflicts, employing various modalities to help you better understand the roots of these conflicts, enhance communication skills, and develop effective coping mechanisms that work best for you. Engaging in such work leads to healthier, more fulfilling relationships in all areas of life, which ultimately also means a greater sense of well-being and happiness with life overall.

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Our New York City therapists that specialize in interpersonal conflict:
Liat, Elana, Kristen, Noa and Yael.

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