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Simplifying Insurance

We are here to help you navigate the insurance process.

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We understand that insurance can be a significant consideration for many of our clients, so we aim to help simplify the process. Manhattan Psychotherapy Services is in-network with New York’s HealthFirst. Like most private practices in New York City, we are out-of-network with all other health insurances. This means that while we do not directly accept your insurance, we will work with you to submit claims for reimbursement. 


Our clients are billed at the end of each month for sessions, and you have two options from there: we can provide you with a superbill that you can submit directly to your insurance for reimbursement, or we can submit claims to your insurance company ourselves on your behalf, which many of our clients find helps to simplify the whole process. In our experience, most of our clients receive 50%-80% of the cost of their sessions back, once their deductible is met. If you find yourself stuck at any point and in need of assistance, we are always here to help.


Please click the button below to utilize Nirvana’s Out-of-Network Reimbursement Calculator. This tool provides an estimate of the reimbursement your specific insurance may offer for therapy services.

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