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Those feelings of deep loneliness, pain, hollowness, and powerlessness don’t have to be permanent. And you don’t have to go it alone.

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affordable medicaid therapist new york new jersey

What is depression? How can it look and feel in real life in NYC?

Have you noticed that interests and activities that used to be a source of pleasure now feel like tedious obligations that you simply cannot muster the energy for? You’re struggling to communicate with those important people in your life, calls from friends go unanswered, and simple tasks feel completely insurmountable. Even the idea of getting dressed or eating a nourishing meal seems like an impossible challenge. Sleep may come with dreaded hours of lying in bed with racing thoughts, or instead you might find yourself struggling to peel away from the comfort of your bed and spending too much time there but still waking up feeling totally exhausted. 

Depression can send our emotions on a chaotic rollercoaster, leaving us feeling overwhelmed with sadness, and often feeling hopeless, powerless, irritable, unmotivated, filled with self-doubt, and painfully stuck. 

Does this sound familiar? Therapy can help you to reconnect with yourself, your self-worth, and your goals in life.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of depression?

While each of us will experience our own unique set of feelings in our own way, depression is tricky and takes a toll on so many aspects of life, persists for an extended period of time, and significantly impacts overall well-being. While it can cloud thoughts and moods, depression does not have to be a permanent reality, and it is treatable with the right support. 

Some signs and symptoms of depression include but are not limited to: 

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you once enjoyed 

  • Feelings of worthlessness 

  • Difficulty concentrating 

  • Changes in appetite and/or sleep patterns 

  • Fatigue or low-energy Unexplained aches and pains

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How can therapy for depression in NYC help? What can you expect?

Our therapists seek to establish a supportive therapeutic relationship and to provide a safe, caring space. We will work to help you identify and understand the various ways in which your thoughts, feelings, and actions are influencing and reinforcing your moods. Negative thought patterns can become deeply ingrained, and together we will look at how to challenge those beliefs, develop healthy coping strategies, uncover what self-care uniquely means for you, and most importantly, identify those things that will allow you to start to feel better. Sometimes medication can also be helpful, and we can guide you in exploring this option if you choose, including providing referrals and coordinating with the provider to ensure you are meaningfully supported.

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