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Yael Gichtin, LMSW

Areas of Expertise

Yael Gichtin, LMSW


I strive to create an empathetic, warm, and nonjudgmental environment so that an inherently vulnerable space still feels safe. With an open ear and a curious mind, I offer feedback and ask a lot of questions with the intention of understanding who you are, your life story, your patterns, and how you would like to make positive changes in your life.

My clients are often struggling with complicated family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. I understand that feeling disconnected from others can, and often does, seep into other areas of our life and cause stress, anxiety, and overall feels painful. I also work with clients around issues of trauma, depression, perfectionism, and navigating major life transitions. I primarily use a collaborative and psychodynamic approach, incorporating other therapeutic styles as needed, such as CBT, mindfulness, and Internal Family Systems, in a way that will continue to enrich our work.

I recognize that life can be difficult and feel overwhelming to the point where we may feel stuck or unsure about how to handle life stressors and challenges. If you feel my approach could be helpful for you, I would be honored to join you while you rewrite your story and create the groundwork for a fulfilling future.

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