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Attachment-Based Therapy

Relationships are so much of what feed our souls and our hearts, and they determine a great deal of our wellbeing and our overall quality of life.

Incorporating attachment-based therapy into our work together can be extremely meaningful in helping us to better understand the dynamics of your interpersonal relationships and sense of yourself, which in turn allows us to address underlying attachment patterns that contribute to emotional and interpersonal struggles, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and many other concerns.

Such an approach is grounded in attachment theory, which tells us that a strong attachment very early on in childhood to at least one primary caregiver is key for youngsters to develop a strong sense of self as well as trust in others and their environment. This supportive foundation helps children, and later adults, feel secure enough to take responsible risks, explore, learn from new experiences, and establish and maintain healthy, fulfilling connections with others. Depending on our early experiences we may develop a secure, anxious-preoccupied, avoidant, or disorganized attachment style; once we identify yours, we will explore patterns in how you approach relationships, express and communicate emotions and needs, and navigate intimacy.

Our therapists seek to create a secure, supportive environment necessary for nurturing a strong therapeutic alliance. Having this secure base allows our clients to feel safer in the vulnerability inherent in therapy and healing. We will work together to identify patterns that are no longer serving you well and support you in reshaping negative internal working models of relationships that may have been formed long ago. These are meaningful pieces for fostering personal growth and healing, emotional wellbeing, and creating more fulfilling relationships across life.

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