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Being vulnerable can be such a scary ask, and yet, from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable we are able to grow and our strengths to shine.

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on gaining insight into your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors; essentially your life, how you got here, and what makes you you. Oftentimes, unresolved conflicts, experiences, and hurts from our past, as far back as early childhood, can keep us stuck there, which can greatly affect our mental health and emotional wellbeing. This type of therapy is effective for anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, improving self-esteem, body image issues, unresolved trauma, among many other concerns.

Our therapists incorporate this approach to help you uncover and become more deeply aware of patterns and recurring themes in your life. Together we can then make connections and better understand the “hows” and “whys” of it all. Such insight in turn serves to decrease symptoms and stress and propel us towards making positive changes a reality. In other words, by bringing unconscious material into consciousness, you can gain a clearer grasp of your motivations, conflicts, and coping mechanisms, including those that once served you but no longer do. Increased self-awareness is a key piece of creating healthier, more fulfilling relationships both with yourself and with others.

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