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Trauma-Focused Therapy

Your future does not have to be dictated by your past.

Traumatic experiences can have a profound effect on one’s psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing, and our therapists understand the critical importance of creating a safe, supportive environment for healing and recovery to take place. You are not alone. We are here to help you explore and process the traumatic memories, develop healthy coping mechanisms that work for you, and reframe distorted thought patterns stemming from the trauma (thought patterns that, among others consequences of trauma, often keep us feeling stuck, in constant fear, and struggling to connect with ourselves, others, and the world). In our sessions together, we may use a combination of talk therapy, behavioral interventions, and somatic approaches to address both the cognitive and physiological aspects of trauma.

Trauma-focused therapy can help clients with reducing symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares, and emotional reactivity. Long-term healing means processing and integrating traumatic memories, enhanced self-esteem and self-awareness, and a greater sense of control over your life and future; it also means a restored ability to engage in fulfilling and meaningful relationships. The impact of trauma is complex and multi-faceted, and we are here to help foster a renewed sense of hope and resilience.

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