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Mindfulness in Therapy

It’s easy to forget how powerful slowing down, finding self-compassion, and just being can be.

In the world we live in today, it’s almost like we are constantly operating on auto-pilot, busy, busy, busy, with little time and space to appreciate and enjoy being in the present moment and the life journey we are on. This can really take away from our happiness and emotional wellbeing as well as our ability to truly connect with others.

Despite the hecticness of daily reality, we do have the capacity to feel more calm, aware, and grounded. With the right support, we can learn to both tolerate and regulate strong emotions and navigate challenging situations in a way where it doesn’t feel like we’ve relinquished all control and are trying to swim through quicksand. Mindfulness techniques help us to enhance self-awareness and healthier coping mechanisms, reduce stress, and promote emotional wellbeing, without judgment or criticism.
One primary goal of mindfulness in therapy is to break the cycle of automatic and reactive thinking patterns. Our clients learn to observe their thoughts and emotions without immediately reacting to them, denying or avoiding them, or feeling shame. This increased self-awareness fosters a sense of control and empowers them to make more intentional and constructive choices in response to life's challenges. It encourages a compassionate and non-judgmental attitude toward oneself. At Manhattan Psychotherapy Services, mindfulness goes hand-in-hand with other treatment modalities and can be especially helpful for clients with anxiety, depression, unresolved trauma, and those going through stressful life transitions, among many others.

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