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Relational, Strengths-Based Therapy

Feeling understood, validated, and supported can make the world of a difference in helping us to tap into our strengths and resilience and to bring about positive change.

No matter what other approaches we incorporate into our work together, we will always operate from a strengths-based perspective because we deeply believe that every person possesses unique and meaningful strengths and abilities that can be tapped into to help overcome challenges and make great things happen in their lives. We want to empower our clients, work with them to build self-awareness and confidence, and foster a greater sense of motivation, competence, agency, and control over their lives and the challenges posed; a strengths-based lens not only addresses current day issues but also creates a foundation for continued personal growth and resilience.

Relational therapy is an approach that emphasizes the significance of interpersonal relationships in shaping one’s emotional wellbeing. Individuals both shape and are shaped by their relationships. Knowing this, we place a lot of value on building a trusting therapeutic alliance with our clients and believe that if we can create a truly safe, empathetic, supportive space, clients will more openly share and explore their feelings, experiences, and relational patterns.

In our sessions together, we will collaboratively look at your relational history, with the goal of trying to identify recurring themes or conflicts, and we will explore the impact of these dynamics on your wellbeing, sense of self, and daily life. We will work on challenging any unhealthy or unhelpful patterns to foster more authentic and fulfilling connections, improved communication skills, and a greater capacity for intimacy. Relational therapy is particularly effective in addressing issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and difficulties in forming and maintaining healthy relationships.

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